Li’s TCM Health Center

  • Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 針灸, 経絡推拿, 中醫, 中葯
  • はり、指圧マッサージ、漢方薬

 - Privider name:  Rui (Mary)  Li   (李 瑞)
    Board-Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist 
     Teaching at  University of East-West Medicine (國際醫藥大學   教授)
     Eight Years Medical School in China     (O.M.D. in China)
     30 Years Medical Clinic Experiences in China/Japan/USA 
    中国遼寧中醫藥大學    8年碩士學位畢業

- Office locations (诊所地址): 

1)  2005 De La Cruz Blvd, Suite 165
     Santa Clara, CA 95050                (see location 1 below) 
     (Tue, Fri and Sat)
     Text or call:  650-815-1203 
2)  407 N. San Mateo Drive
      San Mateo, CA 94401     (see location 2 below)
      Text or call: 650-815-1203
3)      800 California St.,   Suite #120  
        Mountain View, CA 94041    (see location 3 below)
        ( Wed )
      Text or call:  650-815-1203

 - Disease Treatment:

Pains, Migraine, Shoulder, Neck, Waist, Back Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Intercostal Neuralgia, Sports injuries,Computer Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Stomach pain, Toothache, Hyperosteogeny.
Gynecopathy (Women’s problems), Dysmenorrhea, Weight loss, Amenia, Infertility, Menopausal Syndrome, Male infertility.
Insomnia, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Smoking cessation, Stroke Hemiparesis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus.

Childhood Enuresis, Allergy, Hyperactivity, Tinnitus, Deafness, Rhinitis. 
專精: 各種痛症,婦科疾病、不孕症、痛經、失眠症,糖尿病、高血压、中风、



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Location 1:
2005 De La Cruz Blvd
Suite #165,
Santa Clara, CA 95050 
Plenty of parking spaces!!
Location 2:
407 N. San Mateo Drive
San Mateo, CA 94401 
Free parking in front
Location 3:
800 California St. #120,
Mountain View, CA 94041 

(Locates in Dana Oriental Market 中和參茸藥行;   Next to free public parking structure)